Groupon Pottery Lessons

Groupon Pottery Lessons

I decided to use Groupon to boost up private lessons. ¬†It’s been a great response so far. I’m having a great time meeting everyone and new students are falling in love with clay. ¬†I’ve even had a few trying to purchase their own pottery wheel after. I started using Groupon in October and finished up an Introduction Classes early this month. If you have purchased a Groupon for lessons, get on my website: ¬†garretpendergrasspottery and schedule your lesson ASAP! If you have already had a lesson with me, I encourage you to post a pic on my Facebook page Garret Pendergrass Pottery and write a review describing your lesson.

One thought on “Groupon Pottery Lessons

  1. Frank and Susan

    I (Susan) always wanted to learn to throw and make pottery so my husband (Frank) was looking thru Groupon and found this offer and decided to do it with me. Now we are hooked, partly because Garret is so great to work with! We have been back for additional lessons and plan to continue and are already thinking about our own pottery wheels.


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