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Pottery Lesson F.A.Q.s

Thank you for considering my studio for your ceramic needs! Here you will find the answers to the most common questions many students ask as well as resources to help you understand the process for creating your unique works of art at Garret Pendergrass Pottery!

Why would I want to learn how to make pottery?
-You will have a fantastic time and a memorable experience while creating an unique work of art. Making pottery may be your bucket list item, a special date night, or a passion you want to grow.  Either way, I will guide you in practicing this ancient and legendary medium connecting you to the history of humanity stretching back over 25,000 years!!

What’s included in a lesson?
Lessons are divided into two categories, private lessons and group classes.

Private lessons are generally divided into (2) one hour lesson.  One lesson to work on the pottery wheel and the other follow up lesson to glaze your surface. At GPP, we meet you at your level. Beginners will find that their lessons are geared toward pottery wheel basics and make a bowl and small vase.  More advanced students will be encouraged to pursue pieces that interest them under my guidance. In all lessons, regardless of skill level, I will guide you and assist you in becoming more confident and capable!

Group Lessons make up of four (3) hour long classes.  The maximum number of students is five so it makes this class budget friendly and allows for enough one on one time. The time allows me to meet individual needs. Beginners will grasp the basics and challenge themselves with a variety of techniques.  More advance students will be guided to find their own voice but techniques will be reinforced to help you gain confidence.

What is the process for making a piece?
-Regardless of what piece you choose to create the process is divided into 4 stages.
1. Forming stage – where a piece is made from wet clay on a wheel.
2. Bisque firing – after drying a piece, it is fired to over 1945 degrees Fahrenheit. Clay transforms into ceramic during the firing.
3. Glazing – allows you to decorate your ceramic surface. GPP’s studio uses food safe materials.
4. Final firing – The glazed coated piece is fired once more at over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit which brings out the color and hardens the glazed surface.

How much do lessons cost?

Private lessons       Individual person: $44- per hour   Two People: $54-per hour(includes both students).  Prices will be discounted for buying in bulk; Buy 5 classes get the 6th free! 

Group Classes    $180 per person. Covers clay and material fees for four (3) hour classes. No refunds once class begins.

How can I schedule lessons?
-Lessons can be easily scheduled on the Purchase Lesson Page located here. When you choose your lesson type, the easy scheduler will take care of the rest! Just put in your information and you are all set to go! Email me at gpp@garretpendergrasspottery.com or call 682.554.4997 if you need help!

What is a featured lesson?

-Featured lessons are an opportunity to create a unique piece of art that is available only for a limited time. Past featured lessons have included unity bowls, pumpkins and summer camps. Check the featured lesson tab for more information on the current promotions!

How long does it take to complete a piece?
-Weather does play a role, but generally 5-6 weeks is the total time from getting on the wheel to taking a piece home.

When can I glaze a piece?
-I ask for 3 weeks between the pottery wheel lesson and your follow up glaze lesson. The glaze lesson last for about an hour for private lessons or the entire last class for a small group class.

What colors are available for glazing?
-At Garret Pendergrass Pottery, beginners are offered to use Amaco’s Celedon series.  These glazes have 18 options for color, they are stable and easy to use! As you progress, I introduce a variety of other glazes to help with layering and glaze effects.  Pieces can be customized to suit just about any taste! I will gladly assist you in learning about this fun and exciting process! Many advance students begin to use their own glazes as their style develops  Just be sure the glaze is made for cone 5/6 firings!!

What is firing?

-Firing is the process of adding heat to a dry clay to push molecular water from the clay body and converting the metallic elements into glass!

What forms of payment do you accept?
-I currently accept all major credit cards, check and cash.

Can I bring a friend to watch or take pictures? Sure, or I can take some pics with your smart phone for fun memories.

At what age do you teach children? 6-7 years of age can begin working on the pottery wheel with moderate independence.

Can I give lessons as a gift? YES!

What should I wear to a lesson?

-Not much in my studio stains, but you will get dirty. Gardening clothes or workout clothes. I do have smocks in case you wish to stay classy!


Can I see what other students have made?

Check out pottery made by people like you in the Student Gallery tab!

I saw this cool thing on YouTube, can you show me how they do that?
-in due time, depending on your skills, sure!

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pottery wheel lessons