Throwing Large…well fake’n it anyway!

Throwing Large:

Getting taller!
Getting taller!

Alright, Day 2 and 3 of Clay Camp was about throwing large by adding a new tool:  calipers!  The girls used about a 1.5 lbs of clay to make a base form in the shape of a cylinder.  They took the calipers to measure the lip, or top of the pot.  Once they knew the lip’s diameter, they threw another ring of clay where it’s base matched the previous lips width and continued that process until they had 5 or 6 rings of clay about 3″ in height each.  The rings of clay had no base so their fingers touch the wheel head when they opened up or hollowed out their ball of clay. After stacking quite a few pieces on each other, a very sizable piece emerged.  They had a great time making the piece and were very excited to see it come together.  Once the piece became leather hard, decorations and handles were added to complete their gigantic structures.  I am very proud of these girls!



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