Hand Building Classes

Hand Building at GPP

Hand building classes now have their own designated space at Garret Pendergrass Pottery. Our hand building room has a Shimpo 30 inch wide slab roller, Northstar stainless steel extruder with expansion box, three clean work tables, ware boards to work on and more! Our instructors will ignite a passion for clay and create a fun, informed class for your skills to grow. Hand building class options are slab and texture techniques as well as coiling practices.

Slab and Texture Classes

Wendy Good has a passion for clay and wants to share her knowledge and excitement with you! She will be your guide to help you grasp slab building fundamentals. Hand building classes will cover making textured plates, cups, bowls and glazing techniques. These slab building classes will build your confidence and spark creativity. To top it off, you will have individual creations to take home and enjoy in your daily life.


Coil Building Classes

Coil building courses allow you to quickly explore height and form with clay. Truly, the options are limitless. Throughout the course, you will cover coiling, pinching, darting and other processes to construct aesthetically designed pottery. These classes explore various forms to learn how to control symmetry and the direction of your clay wall. Your confidence will grow by learning these techniques. As you progress, your experience will lead to even more creative projects.

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