Pottery Classes with Garret Pendergrass

Pottery classes are perfect for date nights, fulfilling bucket lists, or if you’re looking to pick up a new hobby.  Either way, I will guide you in practicing this ancient and legendary medium connecting you to the history of humanity stretching back over 25,000 years! You are guaranteed to have a fantastic time creating a memorable experience with pottery classes at GPP!

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Group classes                                                                            

Group classes are made up of up of four (3) hour long classes.  The maximum number of students is five, allowing for a substantial amount of one on one time. Beginners will grasp the basics and challenge themselves with a variety of techniques.  More advanced students will have the opportunity to find their unique style while reinforcing and perfecting the basic techniques. Below is a glimpse of what may be covered in each class:

  • 1: The basics of forming the clay and throwing cups
  • 2: Throwing bowls and making handles
  • 3: Trimming and throwing plates
  • 4: The art of glazing

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This is a great way to get one on one time without paying private lesson costs. What a deal!


Private classes                                                                          

Privates are typically one hour long and are available for up to two people per lesson.  For those new to the wheel, I recommend scheduling two lessons, one to work on the wheel and a second to glaze your surfaces.

At GPP, we will meet you at your level. Beginners will find their lessons geared towards learning the basics of the pottery wheel and how to throw bowls and small vases.  More advanced students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves by pursue pieces of interest with the help of my guidance.

                                                                One person: $49/hour 

Two People: $64/hour(includes both students)

*If booking multiple Private lessons, please note that it will take at least three weeks, between lessons, for your pottery to dry 


Open Studio

Open studio is now available to students who have skills to work independently on the pottery wheel.  With open studio you can focus on tackling more clay, fine tune your techniques, glaze, or simply unwind from a long week. The options are endless! Since open studio is only offered to students who can work independently, please contact Bailey Wood to make sure you qualify before signing up. Open studio slots are limited, and quantities vary throughout the week. Bailey will have an up to date schedule to help you coordinate a time that is convenient for you.

Please call or text my associate Bailey Wood at (972) 639-6120 or email at info@garretpendergrasspottery.com to schedule Open Studio time.

                                                     $15/hr materials ARE included!