Welcome to Garret Pendergrass Pottery!

Garret Pendergrass Pottery is a fully equipped, fun, family centered pottery studio located in Fort Worth’s Near Southside District off of Magnolia Avenue. Kids and adults of all ages and skill levels are welcome to learn and fall in love with the art of ceramics in my laid back pottery studio. You will quickly see your confidence and skills increase, while the clay molds under your hands into unique works of art.

,Classes and Instructors

If art is your passion and you have an interest in learning the ins and outs of ceramics, feel free to see what class times and availability we have to offer here!  Garret Pendergrass Pottery has multiple selections for you to choose from.  We range from small group pottery  wheel classes, small group hand-building classes, private lessons, open studio, family and friends fun night, and kiln rentals!  I’m sure we have something for you! Garret Pendergrass Pottery is excited to have three instructors to help guide your passion in clay.   Garret Pendergrass, Sarah McNutt, and Wendy Good are ready to help in your pottery wheel or hand building journey!Open studio

Done this before? Simply looking to brush up on your skills in a relaxed atmosphere?  We now host Open Studio time Tuesdays through Saturdays. Open Studio guests should know how to wedge clay, work independently, properly use equipment and help clean and organize their space. Text us at 682.554.4997 to find out weekly availability for Open Studio

Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

Want to host a small group of your personal friends, family, or a small office event?  Give Garret Pendergrass Pottery a text at 682.554.4997.  We can work together to find dates and times that work for you.  This is a great excuse to get messy and bond with those in your life or have an experience your work crew will never forget!

Kiln Rentals

Kiln rentals are here! You need a place to fire your work? We’ve got your back! We fire electric kilns to bisque firing temperatures from ^06-^04 and glaze temperatures to ^5/6. You can rent space from one piece to an entire kiln load. Firing fees vary from the amount of work you need to fire. We have one 6 cu ft kiln and two 10 cu ft kilns to choose from. Please know the brand and firing temperature of your clay and glaze when we talk. Text GPP at 682.554.4997 to get details.

Reserve your wheel today!

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